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    [nQSError: 13057] Error From BI Security Service: [SecurityService] [oracle.bi.security.ws.runtime.ValidateExternalRolesAction


      hi ,


      I have a situation we have bought a portion of a company and after getting the rpd and all the details I realized they are using a third website where its redirecting the analytics page with out login .

      All of the users and groups have specific permissions defined in EM and its kind of impersonation


      when I did the same I am getting the below error


      how can  I fix that


      [OBIS] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: 61f1d273-d096-4059-9efe-609ab2d18a19-000001ad,0:2:1:6] [sik: ssi] [tid: 441a8700]  [nQSError: 13057] Error From BI Security Service: [SecurityService] [oracle.bi.security.ws.runtime.ValidateExternalRolesAction::execute] [OBI-SEC-00014] BI Security Service caught an unexpected error. [[

      file: server/NQSNative/NQSServEntry/Source/NQSAuthenticator.cpp; line: