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    ORA-13199 error--> Tablespace does not exist


      Hi all,

      [ This is my first newbie question regarding the creation of my first RDF model in Oracle ]


      I've been trying to follow the steps in quick start section  1.14 [1] for using semantic data.

      So after creating my tablespace and the corresponding semantic network (steps 1-2). I created a user to be able to perform steps 4-5 by doing

      CREATE USER rdfuser IDENTIFIED BY <pwd-rdfuser> DEFAULT TABLESPACE <my_tablespace>;
      GRANT connect, resource TO rdfuser;

      However, when I connect to the newly created user, to perform the creation of the associated model (step 5) , I get an error saying


      ORA-13199: Tablespace <my_tablespace> does not exist

      What can I do to finish this basic steps for creating an RDF model to be able to load my 727 Mio NQUADS triples?

      Thanks in advance for any input or pointer.




      [1] RDF Semantic Graph Overview