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    Oracle CPU April 2017 for EBS R12.1.2


      Hi there,


      Oracle has released a new CPU Patch 25449171 for Oracle EBS R12.1 and says the Minimum Required Oracle E-Business Suite Code Level to Apply CPU Patch is 12.1.1. Our is 12.1.2 and this patch shows following:

      • You must be on Oracle Application Server to apply this CPU patch.
      • This patch has a prerequisite Oracle Database Patch 19393542. See Footnote 1 for details. 
      • If you are on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.2 and have implemented "Landed Cost Management (INL)", apply Patch 16397046:R12.INL.B after applying this CPU patch.

      When we check for this patch:Patch 25449171: ORACLE APPLICATIONS RELEASE 12.1: CPU PATCH FOR APR 2017, it shows following:

      Prerequisite Patches


      The following should be installed in the order shown before installing this patch.


      1R12.BNE.B.delta.4R12.BNE.B.delta.4(Install on Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator)
      1R12.FRM.B.delta.4R12.FRM.B.DELTA.4(Install on Oracle Report Manager)
      1R12.AD.B.delta.3Oracle Applications DBA 12.1.3 Product Release Update Pack(Install on Oracle Applications DBA)
      1R12.JTT.B.delta.4R12.JTT.B.delta.4(Install on Oracle CRM Technical Foundation)
      2R12.ATG_PF.B.delta.3Oracle Applications Technology 12.1.3 Product Family Release Update Pack(Install on Oracle Applications Technology Family)
      3R12.FWK.B.delta.4R12.FWK.B.DELTA.4(Install on Oracle Applications Framework)


      My question is that how can we apply this CPU patch for our EBS R12.1.2 when it requires prerequisites for 12.1.3?