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    EPMHFM-1057: The POV selected for this function is not valid In FDMEE


      Hi All,


      Can anyone help me out in below issue

      we have a requirement like to Load the HFM Actual data to HP Application thru FDMEE

      We have just implemented the below steps in our test environment as per the admin guide


      1)Created Import format

      2)Assigned the import format to Location

      3)Defined Data Load Mapping source as HFM and Target as Hyperion Planning Application

      4)created one data Load rule


      when we executed the data Load rule, it is failed with error "EPMHFM-1057: The POV selected for this function is not valid"


      can you please explain me....


      Do we need to give source options in Data Load rule, even after Data Load mappings are defined in FDMEE ?


      I have 14 dimensions in HFM Including customs where as 2 are common dimensions Entity,Account as per the Target Planning Application--where do we need to map other custom dimensions in FDMEE as we could see only 2 dimensions in import format when created ? that is mapped in import format and defined Data Load mappings as well.


      In Data Load Mapping we have mapped Account,Entity dimensions with respect to Target application, Scenario,Year,Period are being mapped in category & Period Mapping section


      Please suggest me if we are missing anything to go further.