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    Extracting data from EBS (and abstracting base table "complexity")


      Hello experts!



      We would like to integrate our Oracle EBS data into our new Data Lake, but structured in a reporting/analytics friendly model.  So, extract an "Order" object that joins the various order tables (OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL, etc) and packages all of the data into a more user-friendly format...not just merely replicate all of the base tables.


      Something that abstracts all of the complexities within the base-tables and also properly handles customizations leveraging metadata, and provides us with an extract that does not require base-table expertise.



      What are the best options for extracting Financial data from EBS without having to reverse-engineer base table relationships, customizations, etc?  Meaning, is there a way to extract "business" objects, like an "Order", and that order object is an integrated structure of the numerous base tables that are used to manage orders in EBS?


      Thanks in advance!