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    Cannot Print Data Flow Diagram as  SVG,  4.2.0, Windows.


      Has anyone had any luck Printing  a Data Flow Diagram as SVG with 4.2.0 - 17.089 Build,  Win 8.1 installation using Included JDK .?

      It seems to generate a small  incomplete  SVG file that. appears blank in Inkscape.

      No luck with the HTML/SVG renderer either..

      I have opened the SVG  file in notepad and  it seems to have terminated before any recognisable process text is loaded, unlike ER diagram,

      It is possible to generate PNG, JPEG  or PDF of the DFD , but not SVG..

      The new 4.2.0 SVG renderer seems to work ok for ER diagrams but not DFD..



      UPDATE: 25/4/17.  I note that in the Standalone Data Modeler, same version 4.2.0, the SVG/HTML-SVG printers are greyed out for DFD only

      PS: the SVG output is a huge improvement over PNG, it converts easily in Inkscape into a WMF that can be imported into MSWord etc, then exported as PDF with no rasterisation of embedded  fonts, and a much smaller PDF filesize..