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    Programmatically setting selected row on a table.


      Im working with Jdeveloper 12.1.2.

      I have a table based off a view iterator. On this table a have a custom Selection Listener. When the user selects a different row from the table it first checks that the required actions have been completed before allowing the user to change rows. This works in that it doesnt actually change the current row in the iterator, but the table will still highlight(select) the new row. Is there a way to set the selected row on a table?


      This is what i have for the selection listener.

      1. public void tableSelectionListener(SelectionEvent selectionEvent) { 
      2.     String checkAllow = checkAllowFunc(); 
      4.     if(checkAllow.equals("good")){ 
      5.             ADFUtil.invokeEL("#{bindings.testTableVO1.collectionModel.makeCurrent}", new Class[] {SelectionEvent.class},new Object[] { selectionEvent }); 
      6.     } 

      Do i need an "else" with some specific code to revert the select? I hope that makes sense.


      I would normally do my validations checks in the BC layer(as a business rule) but in this instance thats not an option.