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    BDB JE 7.3.7 and Azul Zulu.




      I was trying to use BDB JE 7.3.7 with Azul Zulu (based on OpenJDK) and it fails to start with the following error message :


      The database environment could not be opened: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not access Zing management bean. Make sure -XX:+UseZingMXBeans was specified.


      Looking at the code, in src/com/sleepycat/je/utilint/JVMSystemUtils.java, I see that the Zing JVM is detected uniquely based on the java.vendor property. But Azul Systems now produces 2 JVMs.


      A possible solution is to change the code has below:


      --- a/src/com/sleepycat/je/utilint/JVMSystemUtils.java

      +++ b/src/com/sleepycat/je/utilint/JVMSystemUtils.java

      @@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ import java.util.List;

      public class JVMSystemUtils {



           public static final boolean ZING_JVM =

      -        "Azul Systems, Inc.".equals(System.getProperty("java.vendor"));

      +        "Azul Systems, Inc.".equals(System.getProperty("java.vendor")) &&

      +        !System.getProperty("java.runtime.name").startsWith("OpenJDK");




            * Zing will bump the heap up to 1 GB if -Xmx is smaller.


      Alternately, you could check that the java.runtime.name property contains the string "zing" (although I don't know the exact string for the Zing runtime name).