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    How does JVM access fonts

      I have a simple java source for generating reports in PDF (using jasperreports). It works fine in oracle 10gR2 on windows, but when i load the same source in Oracle 10gR2 on SLES9 it crashes (ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [gl_getScriptFont()+88] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object] [0x50] [] []).
      I suspect it has to be something with fonts and how JVM handles them in WIN/UNIX environment. When i remove all the text from report (still have some shape in it) it works.
      Tryed everything I could remember - installed true type fonts in linux, tryed to modify font.properties, removed all the fonts except sans-serif... but nothing helped.

      If anyone knows how does JVM handle fonts on linux (or what can cause above error) - please help.

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          This is a bug, i'd suggest that you file one.

          Kuassi, http://db360.blogspot.com/
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            Hi Kuassi,
            thank you for reply - I allready filed service request on metalink (currently waiting for results).
            Best regards,
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              I have the very same issue as this with attempting to run a JasperReport on a linux machine (with Oracle and am wondering if you ever found a solution? I also have a service request open with Oracle but the suggested fix at the moment is to upgrade to version but it seems it has never been raised as a bug so it's unlikely that the upgrade will fix it. Did you come up with any workarounds for the issue? We are most likely going to make a callout to a java application that does the report filling/generation as a workaround but if you have any better suggestions that would be great.

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                Create a directory $ORACLE_HOME/javavm/lib/fonts and put some .ttf files in it. You could copy the files from $ORACLE_HOME/jre/*/lib/fonts.
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                  Hi ,

                  We have a java program that creates image containing text of different fonts & languages. We created a JAR and using loadjava have loaded this jar into the database(11g) and the image gets generated correctly.

                  When the same JAR is loaded into 10g database, though the image gets generated, all the text in it is displayed as boxes.

                  Our database server is in Oracle enterprise Linux.

                  As per your post, we have copied the font (.ttf files) in $ORACLE_HOME/javavm/lib/fonts but still it is being displayed as boxes.

                  Kindly Help.