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    FDM Custom Script to control HFM (Clearing Specific Entities,Accounts, Consolidating After FDM Batch)

    M Lauer

      Currently, we have an application that receives five text files each morning during month-end.


      I need to automate this process so I can sleep in-


      The current procedure is-

      1) Log in to HFM, go to Data Manage and clear data for the current POV (Month, Year, 5 entities, three specific base accounts) [HFM CLEAR

      2) Execute two batches in order parallel mode (1 executes our normal ACTUAL scenario, 1 loads our ACTUAL_FY scenario for fiscal reporting)

      3) Upon completion of imports go to the application and Consolidate the ACTUAL and ACTUAL_FY scenario's twice (business rules need to run twice to clear out poor VBScript structure) [HFM Consolidation]

      4) Notify me process is complete [HFM email?]

      Wishlist items

      5) Execute a force calculation and consolidation on PLANNING and export a text file for import to ESSBASE for two cubeswhich has MAXL automation.

      6) Essbase runs MAXL script to clear out current POV, load text file, and run a series of agg and risk calcs, then notify me one cube is complete

      7) repeat process for other cube


      I know there's some way to do this but I can't find any relevant JYTHON or Vbscript to use in batching for befImport and AftImport in Script Editor.


      Any examples, tips, etc are extremely appreciated-