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    intermittent issue of concurrent request out/log files - ebs 11i


      Hello All,


      We have form services running on node 1 and node 2, in a shared application tier environment. We are not able to view out/log files of concurrent programs generated on node 2 whereas we don't have any problem with viewing out/log files on node 1.


      error message(node 2) when tried to view out/log file:

      "An error occurred while attempting to establish an Applications File Server connection with the node FNDFS_NODE2. There may be a network configuration problem, or the TNS listener on node FNDFS_NODE2 may not be running. Please contact your system administrator"


      APPS: 11.5.10

      DB: 11gR2


      The strange thing is we are able to view the out/log files of concurrent requests of node2 only after closing the applications and launching them again. This is a intermittent issue on node 2 and how to overcome this?