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    Unable to understand Landed cost over item cost (OPM)


      Dear Experts,


      We are implementing LCM for our client , we are facing below problem in item cost .


      In standard process it is working fine i.e. PO and invoice in same period then item cost is coming as we expected. But if PO is created in one period and invoicing in another period then item cost is not as we expected.


      Problematic Scenario:


      Po created in Apr-17

      Main Po Invoicing in May-17

      LCM additional invoice in May-17

      Ran LCM import program in process manf.

      Ran actual cost process program fro Apr-17 and May-17

      No item cost in month Apr-17

      Only LCM additional invoices are getting applied to item cost i.e. also for month May-17 and original Invoice amount is missing(i.e. unable to see either in Apr-17 or May-17).