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    Unable to see forms when launched with user SYSADMIN




      I am not able to launch forma when using user SYSADMIN but it can be launched successfully when launched using a TEST user.


      Below activities were performed:


      EBS version : 12.1.3

      SOURCE login as SYSADMIN is working fine...


      Clone was done - (Source : 2 node RAC and 2 node PCP) - (Target : Same node DB and Application) on SUN Sparc

      adcfgclone was used to do the clone and it went through.

      PHP login page is fine and able to login as SYSADMIN and a TEST user

      Applet is started while launching the form ...

      Java console shows that forms are running in SERVLET mode and is the forms version.


      when logged in as SYSADMIN, can see a notification which says that "you have 200 notifications open" and when pressed OK .. it simply hangs there and no forms are seen.


      when logged in as TEST user it opens the forms immediately without any issues.


      I am on system and need immediate help.





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