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    EBS browser




        We have EBS instance R12.1.


         How I can restrict accessibility  - only accessible by IE ?

          How I can enable compatibility mode for IE 11 ?  not doing individually

            a) Any possibility in EBS level ?

            b) have to do using group policy ?




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          Maybe if you have something like a netscaler or something that can intercept traffic and route them to a page that says to use IE only if they are not using IE.


          Otherwise, its just training, and don't install others on end user machines....

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            For IE 11 you need to apply patch in application level.




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              You can configure Apache by RewriteCond to detect the user agent and use a RewriteRule with the [F] flag to block those requests coming from diff. browsers than the 'User Agent' from IE. As per 'Compatibiltiy View' you can look at the section 'IE11 Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View (Required)' in below Meta Link


              R12: Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite (Doc ID 389422.1)