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    Blank page after clone

    AJay B



      Env : DB, Apps 12.1.3.

      Type of clone : Just Data refresh using rman duplication.


      After rman duplication of the test env from PROD, I ran autoconfig on both db and Apps tier and started the services successfully, but the login page is blank.

      I guess there is one script which takes care of wf roles after the cloning, couldn't remember the exact name.

      Appreciate your help.




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          Synchronize workflow tables for if Login page not displaying the responsibility


          In you case please try below solution


          1)Stop the application services and clear the persistance





          If issue still persists then follow the below steps


          stop the application services

          cd $COMMON_TOP/_pages

          mv _pages _pages_old

          cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin or export PATH=$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin:$PATH

          Compile all jsps.

          perl ojspCompile.pl –compile –flush -p 2





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            After cloning from RMAN duplication, run fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean; to clear the FND_TNS entries and run autoconfig again on dbTier then appTier.