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    Usage Tracking Timezone issue in OBIEE 11g


      Dear All,


      I am planning to trace which scheduled job is taking more time.

      I have verified BEGIN_TS and END_TS columns in S_NQ_INSTANCE table. The column BEGIN_TS is showing 01:30:09 AM

      but actual  scheduled time is 07:00:09 AM.The difference is around 5.58 hours.

      My PC timezone is UTC+5:30 and OBI Server timezone is UTC+5:30 but in S_NQ_JOB table showing TS_ZONE column  as GMT+5:30.


      I have veriefied in JOB Manager also it is showing as per schuled time(07:00:09 AM).

      If I run query in OBI end it is showing around -5:30 hous differnce.


      In Job Manager

      In report level

      Please help me, how  to get exact schedule time in report.