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    Concurrent Manager Issue


      Hi All,


      We are using EBS 12.1.3, 11G r1 database on RHEL 5.5, its a 3 node architecture, One node is for DB , 2nd is for Application tier whereas 3rd is for only webtier node, webservices place in DMZ and  using SOA gateway for 3rd party applications.


      everything was working fine but from last two days whenever a report is ran it looks into webtier node and pick rdf from the APPL_TOP from webtier not from the  primary application node and all the log files for concurrent processing are saved at webtier, whereas I have not done any changes, then why is it happening I assume if  I had ran autoconfig on webtier then such behavior should take place.


      Can anyone please advice me why it happened, where to look for the solution what to do, should I run the autoconfig on primary application node ?


      Thanks & Regards,