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    Third Party Readme?


      Hello everyone, first time poster.


      I rely on the THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME file in the JDK kits to help identify all third party components, their copyrights, and their licenses. I do not see such a file in the Java 9 early access builds. I downloaded jdk-9-ea+168_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz today and don't see such a file under any other name.


      Is there any place (in the source tree or any other public resource) that has an updated 9 list? Thanks much for any pointers.



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          There is a change to the third party license file starting in JDK 9.


          Please refer to this bug:



          Snips from the bug:


          The JDK source code includes dozens of third party libraries, each subject

              to license. Historically, third party licenses from across the JDK were

              aggregated by hand into a single file, `THIRD_PARTY_README`, at the end

              of a JDK release.


              To simplify maintenance, we propose to drop the aggregated

               `THIRD_PARTY_README` file from each JDK repository. To enhance precision,

               we propose to store each third party notices in the module that contains

               the third party code subject to the license.

               Under this scheme, the source layout is:




               The `legal` directory contains one file for each third party

               library in the module, for example,





          So have a look for the *.md files that included with the jdk-9-ea+168_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz you downloaded.