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    ORDS database connection user (replacement for mod_plsql)




      We currently use mod_plsql in an 11g environment to access packaged procedures through Oracle's HTTP server. The HTTP server authenticates the requests, and connects to the database with the user credentials supplied during authentication. The procedure is then run as the specified user.



      We're looking to move to 12c, where mod_plsql is being removed from the HTTP server, and the recommendation is to switch to ORDS - Oracle REST Data services - as a replacement.




      However, I am unable to find a way of configuring ORDS to authenticate and connect to the database as different users. All documentation deems to point to a single user (e.g. APEX/ORDS_PUBLIC_USER) connecting to the database. Authentication can be set up within APEX separately, but the underlying connection to the database is still as one specific user.



      Is there any way for ORDS to authenticate and connect as different database users when executing a package?



      A similar quote from this article:




      "Open questions and issues

      Database authentication

      modplsql has the ability to do HTTP Basic authentication by connecting to the database as the username specified in the Basic challenge box, using the password given in the Basic challenge box. It could then run your PL/SQL request as that database user. Some modplsql and mod_owa customers run in this manner, with each user given a distinct database account. It's not clear how to make ORDS work in this manner. "



      Thanks in advance




      Current environment:

      Oracle: 11.2.03 (moving to 12c)

      ORDS: 3.0.9 (currently standalone, will be deployed on WebLogic)