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      • 15. Re: convert columns into row and row into columns in a single query

        Thank you Frank.


        I think I still did give you the information so that you are very clear

        1. I have a table which is very detail table - it will have data for the current year (i.e 2017 for example) - each month when the process is completed we get new data ; for ex: in June first week on we run the process

           we get the new data into the table and that data is for May 2017 - and so on  until december


        2. when I have data for 12 months i.e if the table has data from Jan to Dec then if I do a SUM group by MONTH then I will get 12 rows - 1 row for each month


        3. The above is working thanks for your time- really appreciate - I am sorry I could not explain clearly in the beginning


        4. I have to come up with a test plan before asking the question - next time onwards I will make sure I follow the test plan

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