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    Explain Plan for EBS


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1




      We encountered issue with our apps module and raised an SR with Oracle support.

      The support ask to send table explain plan, trace, and trkprof output.


      e. Run the trace file through tkprof as follows:
      tkprof <filename>.trc <filename>.out explain=<found username/password>

      This is the command I ran in putty:
      tkprof /u02/oradev/DEV/db/tech_st/11.1.0/admin/DEV_erp/diag/rdbms/dev/DEV/trace/DEV_ora_6311_MENOY.trc DEV_ora_6311_MENOY.out explain=apps/apps


      However when I open the output file generated (DEV_ora_6311_MENOY.out), Explain Plan option disabled.



      I tried to create a plan table from UTLXPLAN.sql but it already exists





      How do I resolve ORA-00922 please.....



      Kind regards,