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    Content Management Repository


      Hi Guys,


      Could you please share your help on below concern.


      We are using content management repository to publish the static content to store pages. content like, footer text or icons which are a static data.


      I am able to publish this data to store but concern is, how do i print this static data to page.


      do i need to use any custom tags to render the data.


      Please share your thoughts.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Kavimani Gunasekaran

          Hi, The idea is simple, 1. Create a version repository and declare a data type as CLOB. 2. Once published, write an "RQLQueryForEach" droplet to render the content. "https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26180_01/Platform.94/PageDevGuide/html/s1345rqlqueryforeach01.html" ~regards, Kavimani Gunasekaran

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            Thank you Kavimani for helping.


            Actually no need to create new versioned repository. ATG having OOTB repository called ContentManagement Repository which helps to do the page static content publishment.


            but concern is, once we publish the content from BCC from contentmanagement repository, how do we render this data in page.


            do we need to use custom tags or any other OOTB droplets.



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              Prateek G



              For displaying the static content from content repository you can follow the below  logic-

              1) Write a request scoped component which has -

              a map data-type property (it will contain the static text key-value)

              a set data-type property to hold the page id

              And then generate the getters-setters of above properties


              2) Write a droplet and in the service method of it write the below logic-

              Get a local parameter of String type -'pageName'  from the request.

              Get an object parameter- 'requestComponent' from the request and save it in a variable of type component which we have created above in step 1.

              Now Check if map contains page name then no need to call repository, assign the request scope value in map.

              Handle if request is coming from included page from jsp then need to also add keys for page in which page in included.

              Set the output parameter if staticTexts map is not empty


              3) Write a jsp where invoke the droplet we have written in step 2 and-

              Pass the input parameter pageName.

              Assign the value of previous page in request component for avoid of overriding the keys in including page.

              And fetch the Map of static texts of respective pageName.


              Do the above steps and let me know if you need any help.



              Prateek Gupta

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                Kavimani Gunasekaran

                Hi, can't you use RQLQueryForEach droplet ? ~regards, Kavimani Gunasekaran