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    OBIEE 12c configuration invalid login

    Eric Kundl

      Windows 7 desktop.

      trying to install OBIEE to test its reporting abilities on our databases.


      i found a few blogs with installation instructions...and followed their steps.

      i installed Oracle 12c without a problem.. and can run SQLplus and SQLdeveloper without a problem.

      then installed the JDK8.

      then installed the Web Logic Server.

      using pretty much the default parameters on both.

      then installed OBIEE 12c without a problem.


      but when i run the config.cmd file in the \bi\bin\ folder..

      when i get to the 'Database Schema' window.. fill it out and hit Next.. i get an invalid login/password error.

      i've tried using Username of sys with the default password.

      i've tried using Username of system with the password i had changed it to.

      my connect string i'm using is localhost:1521:orcl.iis.amadeus.net, which i'm pretty sure is correct.


      i can connect from SQLplus and SQLdeveloper with the system user/password...

      so what am i doing wrong here.. that i can't get past this window with either of the two users