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    How to install (afterwards) Java Plugin in Firefox browser?


      I have installed successfully the newest JDK Java version 8u131 for my 32bit Win 7 system.

      Now I want to activate the Java Plugin/AddOn in my Firefox v53.0.2

      When I go to the appropriate menu in Firefox then there is no Java Plugin/AddOn entry.

      So I cannot activate it.




      Java itself is running fine when I use it for Java programs outside of my browser


      How can I install now AFTERWARDS the Java Plugin/Addon in my browser?
      or is it only possible at installation time of Java?


      Is for the Java Plugin/Addon a JRE installation sufficient or is a full JDK installation required?


      Assume I have various Java installations on my computer (v7 and v8):
      How can I tell the browser to use the v7 Plugin/Addon rather than the v8 Plugin/Addon?


      Thank you