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    Oracle Certified Master Certification, a big dream...




      I started with Oracle certifications at the time of Developer 6i, when I was a developer. After a few years, I had a chance to became a DBA and I started my preparation for Oracle Database Administrator certifications.


      When I speak about certifications, the Oracle Certified Master has always been my aim.


      In addition to OCP I also passed several OCE and OCS exams. I used these exams how preparation for the OCM 11g.


      After OCM11g, I passed on OCM 12c upgrade, OCM Database Cloud and OCM 12c MAA.


      The preparation for the exams are the best way to learn all product features, you have to read the documentation, test on your lab and be prepared enough.


      Now, I have more than 200 Oracle Certifications (Including OPN certifications).


      You can see my certification list here: http://alexzaballa.blogspot.com.br/p/certificacoes-oracle-dba-11g-certified.html


      Best Regards

      Alex Zaballa