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    FDMEE No Records Warning on Import on TDATASEG


      Dear All,


      we are trying to load data from a relational table into FDMEE through an Open Interface Adapter.


      We succeed in loading data on Open Interface Table, as we can see them through SQL Developer (import fish gets grey).


      However, we receive a warning from the FDMEE process Log. Into the log we find the following:


      2017-05-15 16:47:15,699 WARN  [AIF]: Warning: No records exist for Period 'Sep - 2015'


      2017-05-15 16:47:16,183 DEBUG [AIF]: CommMap.validateData - START

      2017-05-15 16:47:16,183 WARN  [AIF]: Warning: The Import step has not been completed for period Sep - 2015

      2017-05-15 16:47:16,183 DEBUG [AIF]: CommMap.validateData - END


      We believe there is something weird on period mappings we didn't cope with.


      We tried to perform the integration with Period Global Mapping first and then with Application Mapping, with no successful results.


      Could you please support?