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    Apex 5 Interactive Report Not Filtering on Certain Columns

    Zachariah Falgout

      Apex: 5.0.3

      Universal Theme

      Standard report filtering, column headers and actions menu


      So I have a schedule of class for the university that will be replacing an old tool, and I have come across an issue that I can't really find info on.

      On certain columns, when I try to apply a filter, either through the actions menu or the column header link, if I select a value that is comprised of

      a listagg where the separator is either chr(13), chr(10), or chr(13)||chr(10), I don't know for certain which one it is because I didn't set up the database

      and currently that code was lost and is being redone, apex will try to apply the filter but will return no results, even though I can find that data in the report.


      For example say a class is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday, Thursday, that value will appear as



      in the report, and the column header shows that value as MWF TR for a possible filter. However, no classes are returned even if that class exists in the non

      filtered report.


      Does anyone know if this is a bug in Apex, or should filters not have non special character separation?