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    FDMEE "Manage Columns" in the data load View


      On the data load page, we can click on View - Manage Columns to select and re-order the items that we want to show on the page. I can choose to show source account description but every time I will lost this setting when I leave this view.


      Is there a way to set up a customized view as default?


      Also, any suggestion how we can show the target application (HFM in this case) account description on this data load view?


      Thank you!

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          This question has been asked before on the forum and the answer was no.  Notably you can always go ahead and log and Oracle SR for the official position, request a work around and/or an enhancement request and Oracle may put in on future Hyperion versions.


          Let us know the results of the Oracle SR.


          Once you got the clarity you needed remember to mark the thread as answered so members can focus on unanswered questions.

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            How about the HFM account description? It is not in the load file. But if I include it in the mapping table, would there be a way to show it in the data load view?

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              I have the HFM target account descriptions in my FDM mapping rules. They're not actually linked...it's just a manual lookup when creating he rules files (excel uploads) in FDM (vs the account description on my HFM metadata).

              It helps when managing the rules in FDM...but I can't see a way of bringing the description into the data load workbench.

              There are some extra columns (unused in my application) in the TDATASEG table (namely Description-1 and Description-2) which I guess you could perhaps script to lookup your mapping description in your rules and copy it in...maybe...(TDATAMAP-SRSDESC to TDATASEG-DESC1  where TDATAMAP-TARGKEY = TDATASEG-ACCOUNTX...)....just a theory....not tried it.

              In the data load workbench you can show some hidden columns by doing 'View' -> 'Columns' -> 'Manage columns'....something...

              Description-1 and Description-2 are in there. So you could add them, then not be able to save your view