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    LDAP connection Status: Failure -null


      I try to make a connection to our new OpenLDAP server with Oracle SQL Developer, but I am not successful.

      The error message is: Status: Failure -null


      When I connect to the old OID Server it works and the context of the LDAP Server is loaded.

      What do I need that the context is read out with the SQL Developer?


      On the LDAP Server I see just (with debug level 1):


      591c2de7 slap_listener_activate(7):

      591c2de7 >>> slap_listener(ldap:///)

      591c2de7 connection_get(23): got connid=1001

      591c2de7 connection_read(23): checking for input on id=1001


      ber_get_next: tag 0x30 len 12 contents:

      591c2de7 op tag 0x60, time 1495018983


      591c2de7 conn=1001 op=0 do_bind

      ber_scanf fmt ({imt) ber:

      ber_scanf fmt (m}) ber:

      591c2de7 >>> dnPrettyNormal: <>

      591c2de7 <<< dnPrettyNormal: <>, <>

      591c2de7 do_bind: version=3 dn="" method=128

      591c2de7 send_ldap_result: conn=1001 op=0 p=3

      591c2de7 send_ldap_response: msgid=1 tag=97 err=0

      ber_flush2: 14 bytes to sd 23

      591c2de7 do_bind: v3 anonymous bind


      But no context can be chosen.