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    Where is startcd that I can start EBS installation


      Hi guys,


      I have downloaded Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configuration for Linux x86-64 from edelivery.oracle.com, they are 12 files with all .zip format, they are about 45GB, according to discription, the v76153-01.zip is marked with "E-Business Suite Certified Configuration Rapid Install Start Here".


      However When I unzip it generates a file named "ccup-503", could you please guide me how to run this ccup-503 to start a rapid install ?

      I think v76153-01.zip should generate a STARTCD directory to let me run /startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/bin/bulidStage.sh like this

      How Can I get a STARTCD to start a EBS installation and where I can get that ?


      Thank you in advance.

      Any guidance will be appreciated