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    Weblogic Password Reset issue


      Hi All,


      Need a help on the Strange issue.


      Env Details Weblogic 12c  is sued on lInux. 4 Managed Servers on the 2 machines.


      I have reset the Weblogic Admin account password. The password reset was success. I am able to start all the Server including the Admin and 4 MS. Strange thing is on Machine 2 Manged server , Weblogic Admin account trying for login attempt but it fails for 5 and Weblogic account is loacked for 30mins.We enabled lockout option for Security purpose. We cannot disable that option.


      I used the Java weblogic utility command to password reset.


      Please note : this is only happening on the Machine 2 MS .The application is not using the Weblogic username in the application.


      I have done all possibilities which is return on Oracle Support and in books.Even packed the domain from the Machine 1 Domain and unpacked it. it is not helpful


      Please help on this strange issue.