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    Are query string parameters working in ORDS?


      My team is just learning to use ORDS and we want to use it to create RESTFul APIs. So far, the tests are succesful, but one crucial question is:

      Are query string parameters working in ORDS?

      e.g. Would the following query work and if yes, can you please provide us with an example for implementing it?


      The following query has been set up:

      select * from xxxx where visible= NVL(:visible,visible) and tttt=nvl(:cat,rrrrr)


      value 1 is working fine as a parameter in the URI like this: http:/xxxxxxxx:8080/ords/xxxxx/yyy/demo/1

      But if I add ?cat=1 after the parameter, I get 500 error, as it assumes that the value of the parameter is now "1 ?cat=1"...

      • Error during evaluation of resource template: GET api/demo/{visible}, SQL Error Code: 1,722, SQL Error Message: ORA-01722: invalid number



      Can you please help?