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    BUG? Interactive Grid Layout Issue in IE 11 Apex 5.1 and Apex 5.1.1

    Dragos C.

      Hello ,
      I found a weird behavior of Interactive Grid in Internet Explorer 11.
      The problem is that when heading is set to page the header exceeds Interactive Grid's container body .
      Apex 5.1 :



      Solution in 5.1 for me was :
      1. Set heading to "None".

      2. Lazy Loading to "Yes.



      Apex 5.1.1



      Solution in 5.1.1 for me is :

      1. Lazy Loading to "Yes".


      Internet Explorer :



      Did someone else noticed this weird behavior?

      Are there maybe other better solutions for this?


      Thank you


      Best Regards,
      Dragos Cotoi