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    Applying patch 12327793 prerequisites conflicts


      Hello everybody,


      I was hoping someone can help me with the issue i am having with one of the Oracle eBS 12.1.3 patches. The patch that i have ti apply is patch no. 11056513. One of the prerequisites of this patch are this:


      Patch 12327793 - MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 11857892 11673568

      The patch 12327793 also have prerequisites:


      Please note that Patch 12327793 has following Pre-Requisites as well: - Patch 9593176 - MLR TRACKING BUG FOR FORMS BUNDLE PATCH - Patch 6640838 - OUI CD PLACE HOLDER ON ARU FOR 10106

      When i try to apply one of the prerequisite patches 9593176 i am getting the following conflict warning:


      Conflicting patches: 14825718, 22698265,


      Patch(es) 14825718, 22698265, conflict with the patch currently being installed (9593176).


      If you continue, patch(es) 14825718, 22698265, will be rolled back and the
      new patch (9593176) will be installed.


      What is important to know is that patch 14825718 is latest version of Forms bundle patch and i decided not to rollback this patch.


      Can someone make some suggestion considering this issue. Is patch 12327793 really needed if i have already applied latest version of Forms Bundle Patch 14825718?


      Regards and thanks,