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    Apex 5.1.1 IG Authorization Role For Edit Check During Refresh Event ?


      Hello All,

      I have place editing authorizations on the IG insert, update, delete function. This authorization checks for the existence of a page level variable. When I first come onto the page my interactive grid shows no rows and is not available for editing which is what I want. I placed my own button on the IG toolbar which call a dialog fetching my initialization data and it returns the required data. I use an ajax process to set item on server. Now my page has the required authorization data available to satisfy the editing authorization. Next I perform a region refresh dynamic action but my grid is still disabled. I set my authorization to ALWAYS mode. When I look at the debug it says Ignore "Allowed Row Operations Column" value, because we are not allowed to update or delete rows at all.


      Plus my toolbar has conditionally buttons depending on this page item value which still do not show. Am I using the grid improperly ? Do I need to call something different to get these widgets to show properly ?


      Thanks In Advance,