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    Oracle Apex 5.0 - five column Pivot report


      Hi All,


      We are trying to develop Report using 5 Columns as pivot in oracle apex 5.0 Version. But this version is restricted to pivot only 3 columns. Can anyone please suggest, whether there is a way to handle this ?

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          Sorry for late answer. One way to handle such a restriction would be to be to compound two or more attribute columns into one merged column. For convenience, insert a separator in between. In the web a similar idea is used all the time:


          with basetable as
          (select 'community' appl, 'oracle' domain, 'com' toplevel_Domain from dual)
          select appl || '.' || domain  || '.' || toplevel_Domain aggregated_column from basetable;


          This should help to live inside the boundary of limited ressources.