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    "No Log Found" error while viewing logs in Manage Sessions






      I am struggling with a strange issue.  We have 5 OBI instances.  In 2 instances, I am getting this "No Log Found" error message when I try to view log for an OBIEE report via Administration -> Manage Sessions -> View Log.  I am able to view the log in remaining 3 OBI instances.  All these instances have been setup the same way (as far as I know) for approx 2 years now.  While checking the performance for a report, we noticed this strange behavior.


      So I compared all the 5 instances and all the below settings are consistent across all the instances.


      Repository - Logging level is set to 0.  I see lot of links suggesting to set this to 2 minimum.  I have no idea why it is working for us in certain instances.

      RPD_Logging_Level 2017-05-24_16-17-00.png


      Enterprise Manager - FMC - logging level is set to Info.

      EM_FMC 2017-05-24_16-16-36.png


      List of values for Log Level

      EM_FMC 2017-05-24_16-17-46.png


      If I set the log level for individual report by adding the below text to the report -> Advanced Tab -> Prefix text box, I can view the log.




      Since all the settings are same across all the instances and it is working for some and not for others is more confusing/bothering.  How can I go about troubleshooting this issue?


      Thanks in advance.