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    Dashboard prompt - report not generating


      Hello all, I have 3 analysis that I have set up so it goes against a dashboard prompt. A user is able to select one of the three reports on the dashboard prompt and then further filter by year and country. Problem - I have the other 2 reports set up so that it works properly but for some odd reason (not sure if it's a glitch) by third report is not generating properly (even though it was yesterday). Everything is set up correctly by setting up a presentation variable and mapping the dashboard prompt to the 3 analysis I'd like a user to filter. When I try to generate the report not working I get the error -> Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW)


      Just a bit confused because it was working perfectly fine and this report that is not working is set up exactly like the other 2 analysis which is working perfectly fine.


      Any guidance is appreciated.


      Thank you