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    On Demand Dynamic Prompt

    Joe Choueiri-Oracle

      I was not sure what to call the subject, hope that makes sense.

      I am wondering if anyone was ever able to produce something like that and how


      In this image, where you would enter manually the budget in the prompt and it will be applied in the analysis...or



      Here you would enter target number in the prompt and the QTD column in the analysis would change or calculated based on


      Or here, where you would assign some weight etc in the prompt manually and it will effect the analysis

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Your first case has an issue where OBIEE will not really help you a lot: you have a "dynamic" list of people. Having prompts allowing you to enter values, store these values in variables and use them in formulas in the analysis is fine. But your first example is typically somewhere where you would want a Qtr and FY budget field for each employee. But without having to hardcode them but maybe selecting a business unit and the prompt have to show you the required number of people with the right names etc.

          So if you can hardcode it: all fine can be done, if you want it dynamic you have a issue.


          The second case is perfectly doable, because your prompts are more "static", meaning that you can definitely hardcode them and then use their values in your analysis. Here again you will store the value of each prompt in a variable and then use it underneath in the analysis by adapting the formulas.


          Of course it also depends on the complexity of your formulas. For these things you also have the option to push the parameter back to Essbase and run a calculation in Essbase in case you need extra "power" and a way more complex calculation. (Sample App has an example for that)



          - first case the dynamic nature of the list of employees can't be done, if hardcoded fine

          - second case perfectly doable

          - if calculation really complex pushing back to Essbase can be a solution