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    Passing Parameter values From one report to another - OBIEE Dashboard

    Chandu K

      Hi All,


      I have Developed a dashboard with 3 reports:




      1: Customer Details -                     Customer ID, Name, Location, Grade         (Displays Top 25 Customers by Grade EX: CustID 1001,Name Peter, Location: New York, Grade:3   )

      2: Customer expenditure details -  Customer ID, Items, Purchased Amount, Year Month  (Displays data by Month. EX: CustID 1001, Items 20, Purchased Amount $1500, Year Month: 2017 March)

      3: Raw data of the Customer-        Customer ID, Name, Item, Item Desc, Year Month, Frequency of purchase  (Displays Raw data/Detailed Transactions:  EX: CustID 1001,Name Peter, Item ACB101, Item Desc Miscellaneous Item, Year Month: 2017 March,Frequency of purchase monthly )


      In Report 1 - when user clicks on Customer ID, the two other reports(2 & 3) must display data respective to that customer.


      Dashboard Working perfectly, I have achieved this by using action links- Navigate to a web page.


      My Scenario/Problem:


      As report 1 displays Top 25 Customers by grade, If a user click on next top 25 which is 26-50 and clicks on 30th Customer ID:


      Reports 2 & 3 are able to display the data for 30th Customer, but Report 1 displays Top 1-25 Customers (instead of 26-50 Customers)  -As the whole dashboard refresh.


      Please advise.