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    Moving Oracle core dba to oracle ebs dba


      Hi All,


      I am working as an oracle core dba. I  worked as an oracle apps dba in few months,a long back.

      My company got a development project recently.They asked to learn oracle ebs dba concepts for development project The modules are HR,HCM,Finance etc...


      As of now,i don't have oracle ebs setup.I read few documents.I have doubts.

      please anyone clear it.


      The below questions are generic and basic only.Hence, i did n't post it separately.Sorry for that.



      Where is apache configuration file located?its log location?

      Where is jserv configuration file located?its log location?

      What is the difference between httpd.conf & httpd_pls.conf?

      Is the report server obsolete in oracle ebs 12.2?

      What is the meaning of .drv in adpatch in oracle ebs?I applied oracle db patch.I could n't find those details.

      Do we need to down all the applications and db while doing adpatch? Do we need to take a applications home and db backup before apply adpatch?

      If adpatch failed,How to revert it?

      How to start the applications by each component ( like apache then forms etc.... ) instead of adstral.sh?

      If we configured mulitnode setup, How to manage the adpatch activities?

      why oracle ebs use Oracle http server ( apache ) and weblogic server concurrently?

      Do we need to install Oracle application manager separately? or does it comes with oracle ebs?

      How many java installed on Oracle EBS environment ? One is enough for both application tier and db tier?

      Concurrent manager configuration details and its logs?

      How many location oracle connection details available in application tier?

      Apps is a schema where all the synonyms are placed.If synonym is dropped by someone,how to recreate it as a dba?

      What is service in oracle ebs. Some  documents says FNDFS and FNDSM is service.I couldn't understand it


      What is the day-today activities of oracle ebs dba?please list day,weekly,monthly  wise except oracle core dba part.


      Plan to install oracle ebs. Hence,please share any documents/cheat sheets and videos if you have