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    Adcfgclone Fails On DBTier With RC-50013

    Delphix It ..

      Hi Experts,




      Linux x86_64


      While trying to execute adcfgclone dbTechStack, I'm receiving below error in the log file.

      Verified below points

      • The PERL5LIB variable is setup correctly (5.14.1) in both environment and context file.
      • PATH variable consists of ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin
      • jre directory also exists in ORACLE_HOME/appsutil
      • Re-named files from oraIventory location to ensure ouicli.pl is able to register O_H



      WARNING: [AutoConfig Error Report]

      The following report lists errors AutoConfig encountered during each

      phase of its execution.  Errors are grouped by directory and phase.

      The report format is:

      <filename> <phase>  <return code where appropriate>



      AutoConfig could not successfully execute the following scripts:

      Directory: /u01/oracle/VIS/ -I /u01/oracle/VIS/ -I /u01/oracle/VIS/ -I /u01/oracle/VIS/ /u01/oracle/VIS/

      ouicli.pl INSTE8_APPLY       1


      AutoConfig is exiting with status 1


      WARNING: RC-50013: Fatal: Instantiate driver did not complete successfully.



      Please provide pointers to troubleshoot further, thanks for your help!