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    Save HTML Code


      Hello everyone,


      I'm working with Oracle Database. So I try to save the html code into the database. Such as: <html> <h1> Hello </h1> </html>. and The data in the database displayed unnormal.
      You can see that in the  picture





      But When I show it to the View. I still a html code



      My question is: Is that ok to continue to save the html code into my database?

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          Gaz in Oz

          Looks "normal" to me. Screenshot 1, the html has been correctly interpreted and is showing "Hello World" using the <h1> tag definitions. As you show in screenshot 2, what is saved in the database is the text string "<h1>Hello World</h1>"


          So I would say all is good.

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            Yeah, what you're seeing in the Grid is our support to actually RENDER the html as long as it's basic stuff, HTML3 stuff.


            SELECT '<HTML><li>My Data</li></html>' MoreFunStuff FROM dual


            SELECT '<HTML><img src="http://www.wvu.edu/images/wvu.png" height=23 width=134></HTML>' MoreFunStuff FROM dual


            SELECT '<HTML><table cols="3" border=2><th>Tables</th><th>Inside of</th><th>Tables</th></table></HTML>' MoreFunStuff FROM dual;


            gives you




            If you run you worksheet query using F5, it will you you the 'raw' data as it's stored.