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    Creating a (personalised) form notification configuration

    Mike de Wildt



      I have created this situation where one fills in a form on our website and through a hidden field the form knows who this form submit is for. This person receive the 'standard' notification through Eloqua. I was wondering how I can edit / change this notification.


      So far I am only able to change the header, but as a matter of fact I would like to create a more appealing email, with all the contact and form details in it.


      I allready have looked into these community topics:

      Creating a form notification configuration

      Sending Notifications to Sales From Program Builder


      Is this possible or do I have to stick to this:


      I'd like to edit the yellow highlighted pars and brand them into our company's housestyle or even beter create a completely new email with the same functionality.


      Hope to hear from you,



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          prem deviraj


          We can't change Default notification mail but

          We can create New configuration.

          Go to Settings - Form Notifications - New Configuration

          and then you can personalize the content like From and Reply To Addresses , Email Header.

          But I don't think so you can send your own customized notification email (send Notification Email Step in Form).

          But You can send your own customized notification email to submitter (Send submitter an  Email) as in this step you will have option to choose the email you want to send.





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            Hi Mike,


            In system and as you did, you can only change header of notifications, as i guess Oracle keeps its policy to retain rest of the things.


            I tired to figure out a way for you, not sure if this works...(this will work only if you know to whom to send notifications)


            a) Create a Hidden Field in Form and enter the static value to whom you want to send out notification from Eloqua

            b) Create a Custom Object to map the hidden field

            c) In form processing map the Hidden Field to custom object you have define

            d) In custom object go to CUSTOM OBJECT RECORD SERVICES

            e) Select for New Data

            f) Add processing step to send Email

            g) And here you can define what you want


            1) Select Email as you need - this can be completely customized email asset and with fields what you might need

            2) Send Email To - Select the DATA CARD FIELD OPTION and select the HIDDEN FIELD you have define to whom you want to send Email

            h) Save the details and Enable the Services.


            I hope this help




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              Mike de Wildt

              Hi AM-ME,


              thanks for taking the time to explain. I will try this solution a little later this day or perhaps in the weekend. Seems that I meet the conditions so it shoud work. I'll give you an update once I managed to implement this.



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                Mike de Wildt



                I finally tried it out. I have set it up as follow:


                - hidden field posts the name of the contact to the submission of the form

                - CDO processing step creates data card with all form information (including the hidden field)

                - I disabled the send notification email step on the form, so I do not receive the standard email any longer

                - In the Custom Object Services i point at the hidden field value which infact is a name from a turn table.

                - and than I think it goes wrong:


                ...IThat should probably be an emailadres right? But that would mean that I have to hard code the persons emailadres on our website


                I did not receive any email, which I think is logical because the field value on the website (in this case my name) is not linked to any emailaddress

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                  Hi Mike,


                  If you want to only use names, it is possible to set up a lookup table to handle this where you have the names paired up with the appropriate email address.  One other factor to look out for is that you must have a contact in your ELQ database that holds that email for the services to successfully send.  Otherwise, when it does try to send, CDO services would catch it's not an email address in the system and plainly not send it at all - I believe this extra "check" was introduced with CDO services some time last year.


                  Best Regards,

                  Hong Tai Lee

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                    Mike de Wildt

                    The hidden value indeed contains names of the persons you are able to contact through the form. We are not allowed to put emailaddresses up on the website (so also not hard coded in the source).


                    I have a picklist where the option value is the name of the person and the option name is something generic. How do I connect name and email address in a picklist? (or is a look up table something completely different )

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                      Hi Mike,


                      Just woke up here and I hope this gets to you in time!  I'm assuming you've made a picklist under "Settings > Database Setup > Manage Picklists", the ones that a lookup can be done with within CDOs - especially where you are configuring the email to be sent via a datacard field and you check off the "lookup" box underneath it.


                      In that list, make sure Option Name is indeed the names that you save into the custom data object, where as Option Value holds the email addresses.  That should make it work then.  Let me know if you run into any possible issues on this and I'll also build a mock up to try this out as well. 


                      Best Regards,

                      Hong Tai Lee

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                        Mike de Wildt

                        Thanks for your quick reply and gooooodmorning


                        I tried a couple of variations and this is my best one so far... unfortunatly I still do not receive email after the submit:

                        This is the form


                        This is the submitted data:


                        This is the data card (please ignore my email address ):

                        data card.PNG

                        This is the processing step flow



                        this is the hidden form html on our website:

                        <div id="formElement6">
                        <input id="field6" name="ContactMet" value="myemail" type="hidden">


                        do you see anything strange that causes the system not emailing me?? I really appreciate your help.





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                          Frank Ngo

                          Hello Mike,


                          Looks like you have everything setup correctly. One thing to double check is your pick list.


                          It should look something like this:


                          Option Value being the email address and Option name as the lookup value.


                          Also you may double check that your CDO service is turned on and that you have waited at least 15 mins for the CDO service to attempt to send out the email.

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                            Mike de Wildt

                            for testing purpose I have both (name and value) filled out with my email address. I tested this around 8:45 this morning, it's now 11:05 in the morning and unfortunatly no email in my inbox nor in my spam inbox.


                            The CDO service  is running. Perhaps, see screenshot, I should also create processing steps under mofified data. Somehow I create no new cards during testing (although I DO want a new data card per form submit)


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                              Hi Mike,


                              Our test did work actually, where we received the email within 2 minutes after submission and luckily meeting the 15 minute wave.  If possible, may I know if you would have time for a quick Skype chat for us to look over any of your components / configurations over a screenshare to check?  You can reach out to me directly at hongtai@gospecmarketing.com.


                              It could be a mill of things now - either the CDO could be incorrectly configured, email has a bad field merge, or even something as simple where your email address is not saved as a contact in Eloqua.  However, the core of it does work and at this point it appears that there could be a small needle in the gears here.


                              Best Regards,

                              Hong Tai Lee

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                                Mike de Wildt

                                HongTai thanks for reaching out. Yes a skype call would be a great idea. Since (i assume) you are in a different time zone what would be a good time for you to meet up on skype? You can find my email address in the screenshots so lets move this off topic to our email clients

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                                  Mike de Wildt

                                  Hi Topliners,


                                  I just spoke to HongTai and he actually managed to solve this problem within a blink of an eye. Many, many thanks for your time and help!


                                  Summing up what caused the problems:

                                  1) Option value and option name:

                                  - Option value should be the email address and Option name should be the Name (in this case)

                                  2) Form processing steps:

                                  - The chosen custom object in the update custom data object: with form data was correct but I had to leave the Key Field blank

                                  3) Custom Object Record Field in the Custom Data Object

                                  - The field type that I used for contactperson (see #1) was single select pick-list. We changed that in textbox and saved the CDO.


                                  We tested this all out and as a matter of fact I did receive an email.


                                  Thanks for helping me out with this aching issue Tomorrow i will implement this on our company website and will share the results with you guys.


                                  cheers for now.


                                  Mike de Wildt


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                                    Mike de Wildt

                                    One thing still does not function automatically and that is the custom object services. Once I hit RUN it works, but it just runs one time and needs be manually actived once again.


                                    According to the notification in that same window it mentions a 15 minute re-run. " Overview -     Services monitor the changes within a set of Custom Object Records. They are used to automatically trigger one or more actions and run every 15 minutes. Some services are customizable and can be set up with one or more configurable Processing Steps."


                                    Any idea if this is a configuration step I missed out on?

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