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    'Notification Mailers' and 'Service Components' are down


      Hi Experts,

           Can anyone please help me on how to up the 'Notification Mailers' and 'Service Components'? It is showing error as below (Oracle Apps version we are using is R12.2.3)



           We observed 'Generic Service Component Container' and 'Internal Concurrent Manager' are up without any issues. Still these 2 are down

           It is urgent, can anyone please help me on this.



      Thanks in Advance,


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          Please fully configure the Notification Mailer in Oracle Applications Manager then try to start the process.






          Workflow Java Mailer & Notifications FAQ (Doc ID 562551.1)

          Steps for Configuring Workflow Java Mailer to connect using SSL to IMAP Server (Doc ID 1265949.1)

          11i-12 Troubleshooting Workflow Java Notification Mailer - Technical Reference (Doc ID 1191125.1)

          Example Of Configuring Workflow Java Notification Mailer With Oracle Applications (Doc ID 249957.1)

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            Hi Bommi,


            If the workflow mailer and service components are still not starting then run below concurrent program to cleanup control queue and restart.


            Workflow Control Queue Cleanup”

            Note 453137.1Ext/Pub Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i

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                   Thanks for inputs.

                   Now, the Notification Mailer is up. But still not able to receive mails. Is, 'job_queue_processes' creating issue?




                   I cannot understand the links you shared Do we need to separately do the setups for AME Emails? If so, how/where can we check (for safe side) whether this setups are done or not? And if we need to do setups freshly, can we do or Admin has to do?

                   Also, can you please share the Oracle standard link for this setups (admin uses that)


              Thanks in Advance,


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                Hi Bonmi,


                Set your SYSADMIN email address to a valid email address.  Then query wf_local_roles where name = 'SYSADMIN' to ensure the email_address is filled in.  Then test workflow mailer as shown and verify you get an email.


                Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.23.26 AM.png

                Click on View Details:

                Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.23.37 AM.png

                Click on Test Mailer:

                Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.24.01 AM.png

                Enter SYSADMIN and accept:

                Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.24.21 AM.png

                Press OK then check for email.


                Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.32.42 AM.png


                If you still do not receive an email, edit the workflow mailer service in OAM and set the logging level to Exception and you will see each send attempt in the log.


                If you Acknowledge the notifications, you can query wf_notifications from the notification_id in your notification to see if the inbound processor closes the notification.




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                  Hi Michael,

                       Thanks alot

                       I tried with what you suggested. Below are my observations

                       1. Getting 2 mails as below







                            a. Why I am getting 2 mails and what are those?

                            b. I am testing this in test environment but, it is showing 'Workflow Mailer - Production (PROD12) <mailid>' as shown in above screen shot


                       2. This test mailer is working, but the actual requirement i.e., Sending Invoice for Approval is not sending mails . Steps done for this are

                            a. 'AME: Installed' profile optioon is set to 'Yes' at Application level (Payables Application)

                            b. At Payables Option (in Payables Resp.), checked the boxes 'Use Invoice Approval Workflow' and 'Require Validation Before Approval' and 'Require Accounting Before Approval'

                            c. Created Approver Groups and details are

                  Name                                    : OSD Account Manager Approval
                                     Description                         : OSD Account Manager Approval
                                     Order Number                  : 1
                                     Voting Method                 : Order Number
                                     Usage Type                        : Dynamic
                                     Query                                   : SELECT GET_APPROVER(:transactionId) FROM DUAL

                  Here, the function directly fetched the approverID (hardcoded)

                            d. Created Action Types

                                                click on 'Use Existing Action Type' and select 'pre-chain-of-authority approvals' and click on 'Finish'. Now, select the 'pre-chain-of-authority approvals', then it will show Action Value 'Require pre-approval from OSD Account Manager Approval'. Then click on 'Apply'

                            e. Created Rules and details are as below

                    Name                    : osd Approval Management Approval
                                      Rule Type            : Combination: List Creation
                                      Item Class           : Header
                                      And provide the Start Date and End Date
                                      In Step-3,
                                      Action Type        : pre-chain-of-authority approvals
                                      Action                   : Require pre-approval from OSD Account Manager Approval

                            f. Then tested by creating Manual Invoices


                  Thanks and Regards,


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                    Hi Machael,

                         Now, mails are getting to my mail box for Invoices for Approval. in step-4 (Message Generation), Reply-to-Email is <mailID>.

                         Also, changed the 'From' as 'Workflow Mailer - Production (PROD12)' to 'Invoice Notification Mailer'. So 'From' is changed in mails.

                         Not getting 2 mails for Invoices. Only one mail is getting

                         New issue is

                              Can't able to approve the Invoice from mails

                              In mail, getting one attachment which is named as 'Notification Detail'. But when I click on that to open it is showing as below




                         Showing as below (seems asking to set mailer) when I click on 'Approve', 'Reject' and 'Request Information' links in mail. But the requirement here is when we click on 'Approve' or 'Reject', then open the Invoice and directly it will allow to Approve or Reject.


                         Also, when I click on 'View Additional Invoice Details' link above Approve, Reject. It is showing error as below

                    View Additional Invoice Details.png


                    Thanks and Regards,


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                      Hi Machael,

                           Now I can able to approve the Invoice

                           Actually we need to login to application using Supervisor user. But, yesterday I tried to login with my credentials (username:BOMMI). So it didn't allowed

                           But, still, when I click on 'Approve' link it is opening a mailer. I added the Inbond Email Account (given same as Outbond Server details as shown be low screen shots) and User Name and Password (with BOMMI Outlook mailerInbond Email.png credentials). But still not working







                           Could you please help me on this


                      Thanks and Regards,