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    how to open opologyDatabase non transactionally?



      we are doing a benchmark study with oracle NOSQL. we are pretty confident that we got all the nuts and bolts ( hugepages, threads hitting RNs, je.env.params etc ) right.

      at this time, we are thinking we are hitting the inherent locking subsystem (concurrency) which we cannot live without anyways.


      just to check this assumption, i am trying to bypass the locking system by setting below parameters :

      je.env.isLocking false

      je.env.isTransactional false


      but, when i do this, the db doesnot come up and throws below error :

      Remote stack trace: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempted to open Database TopologyDatabase transactionally, but parent Environment is not transactional

        at com.sleepycat.je.Environment.validateDbConfigAgainstEnv(Environment.java:952)

        at com.sleepycat.je.Environment.setupDatabase(Environment.java:820)

        at com.sleepycat.je.Environment.openDatabase(Environment.java:682)


      i think there should be some other parameter to over come this error.

      any help/pointers please?