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    relink GSCC.pl in EBS


      how to RELINK the FND product GSCC.pl library in ebs apps

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          You need a patch so it will not fail.


          Relink Fails On 12.1.3+ With "gscc.pl" (Doc ID 1680916.1)

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            Yes.by seeing that note i asked this question.Can provide sysntax

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              any one provide syntax to relink above file

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                You are not supposed to relink a text file which is what that is.  It was placed in $FND_TOP/bin and adadmin or adrelinknew.sh was not aware of what it was so it tried to relink it.  After the patch, you will not attempt to relink the perl script.  You can only relink real binary executable files that have make definitions.

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                  By using adadmin...and selecting FND product will help to relink

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                    You still cannot relink .pl or .sh scripts in adadmin because they cannot be relinked.


                    Relinking selected modules in Application Object Library.


                    List of executables in Application Object Library :


                            ADCONV      AFPASSWD      AFTBLGEN    CMDCART.so        CONCSUB

                            FDULONG        FNDAQCT      FNDATUPD      FNDCPASS      FNDCPGLC

                          FNDCPPUR      FNDCPRRF      FNDCPSPN      FNDCPTST      FNDCPUCF

                            FNDCRM      FNDDWPUR        FNDEMON      FNDFBPLS      FNDFBUPG

                          FNDFFCHY      FNDFFRXR      FNDFFUPG      FNDFFVGN          FNDFS

                            FNDGFH        FNDGFU        FNDIMON        FNDLIBR        FNDLOAD

                          FNDLOADSO      FNDMDCVT      FNDMDGEN      FNDPRESC      FNDPSTAX

                          FNDRTR45        FNDSCH      FNDSLOAD          FNDSM      FNDSVCRG

                          FNDTMTST    FNDWRR.exe        WFLOAD      WFMLRXFR      WFRESGEN

                            WFTEST        fdfcmp      fndcpesr    fndfmxit.so    fndrwxit.so


                    applmgr:~> cd $FND_TOP/bin

                    applmgr:/lv03/oracle/dev122/fs2/EBSapps/appl/fnd/12.0.0/bin> ls *.pl

                    afcprt.pl    gscc.pl      irep_parser.pl  xdfcmp.pl

                    fndtsmig.pl  irep_lct.pl  txkrun.pl      xdfgen.pl

                    applmgr:/lv03/oracle/dev122/fs2/EBSapps/appl/fnd/12.0.0/bin> ls *.sh

                    afpmtune.sh  FNDPTREE.sh    reviver.sh      TXKCfgRep.sh

                    batchmgr.sh  gsmstart.sh    soadeploy.sh    txkSetPlugin.sh

                    fndcpcfg.sh  isgDesigner.sh  soagenerate.sh  UMX_ENDECA_RBACAuto.sh

                    FNDCPHRT.sh  oemstart.sh    startmgr.sh    UMX_ENDECA_RBACMigration.sh

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