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    HFM : Parent level data entry


      Hey HFM Mates,

      Hope you are doing well. Let me explain you in detail so you guide me accordingly.

      1) HFM System is not allowing me data entry at parent level. The structure which i am dealing with is There is a Parent N1 having Subsidiary S1 and S1 is a Parent of A1. Assume all having 100% ownership. Kindly guide me how to do entry at S1 level.

      Kindly guide me in this regard.


      Advanced thanks for yours cooperation.




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          Let me add one more addition into this issue.


          At A1 Level Consolidation is accurately performed but at its parent S1 Level HFM is not consolidating the figures of A1 - Subsidiary of S1.


          Please guide me if in case i am missing any step.

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            Hi. If you must do data input at S1 then you will need to use Sub Input and the HS.Input function to allow input into the parent entity. Check the help for details.



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              As Eric said, you use Sub Input and the function HS.Input to indicate a point of view that would be input for base entities otherwise, but here you can include a parent entity. Here is an example for something I used recentl:

              - Chris





              Sub Input()
              'Input Routine
              '  1 of 8 HFM default routines
              ' (HFM default routines include Calculate, Translate, Consolidate, Allocate, NoInput, Input, Dynamic, & Transactions)
              ' This routine allows data to be entered at the listed parent entities, but only at base members in the Account, ICP, Custom, and Value dimensions.
              '  It will override the consolidation routine for the parent entity.

              Call InputToDivisions()

              End Sub'Input

              Sub InputToDivisions()
              ' Roll-forwards such as PP&E roll-forwards are entered in USD at a division level only.
              ' This rule allows roll-forward data to be entered directly into parent entities and therefore this data
              ' is not the sum of data entered in the base entities.
              'Begin with all descendants.
              For each sEntity in HS.Entity.List("Management","[Descendants]")
                'Divisions are tagged with "Division" in the user defined 1 field on each entity
                If UCASE(HS.Entity.UD1(sEntity))= "DIVISION" Then
                 'Now cycle through specific accounts
                 For each sAccount in HS.Account.List("BALSHT","[Base]")
                  'Accounts that can be entered into at parent entities are those which have RollforwardDetail as the Custom2 top member.
                  If Hs.Account.CustomTop(sAccount,"Custom2") = "RollforwardDetail" Then
                   'Only allow entry to base members under the Rollforward parent.
                   ' Note that EndBal is input in base entities, not in parents, so this
                   ' refinement applies only to Rollforward.
                   For Each sRollforward in HS.Custom("Custom2").List("Rollforward","[Base]")
                    HS.Input "E#" & sEntity & ".A#" & sAccount & ".C2#" & sRollforward
                   Next 'sRollforward
                  End If 'RollforwardDetail
                 Next 'sAccount
                End If 'DIVISION
              Next 'sEntity
              End Sub 'InputToDivisions

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