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    JDeveloper ESDK samples do not work on SQL Developer




      I'm trying to write a Java extension for SQL Developer.

      First step is to add a new setting in the preferences.

      In JDeveloper, the sample ConfigPanel aims to do so.


      I can successfully install the ConfigPanel extension on JDeveloper.


      But when installing it on SQL Developer, nothing seems to be really installed : the entry in the preferences is not there, and the extension is not listed in the "Features" menu.


      I'm using :

      JDeveloper Studio Edition Version

      SQL Developer Version


      To install the extension either on JDev or SQL Dev, I have created the jar with JDev (with the default deploy configuration for project ConfigPanel) and put it next to a META-INF folder containing a bundle.xml file (as it seems to be required in SQL Dev).

      I have then archived both the jar and the META-INF folder in a zip.

      And I am using the "Check for updates..." menu from JDev/SQL Dev to install the extension through "Install from Local File".


      Here is the bundle.xml file I'm using :

      <update-bundle version="1.0" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/updatebundle" xmlns:u="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jdeveloper/update">

      <u:update id="oracle.ide.extsamples.configpanel">

      <u:name>ESDK Sample - ConfigPanel</u:name>




            <u:requires-extension id="oracle.sqldeveloper" minVersion="" maxVersion="" />


      <u:description>ESDK Sample - ConfigPanel</u:description>





      Any idea why this extension does not work on SQL Developer?

      Or do you know if there is a log file generated when extensions are installed where I could find some answers?


      I didn't find a way to attach my zip file here, but the jar file can be created through JDev ESDK Sample directly as I did not modify anything in the ConfigPanel example.


      Thank you !