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    Extracting data from PBCS

    Nishant Fukate

      Hello Experts,



      We are on PBCS and wanted to extract data from PBCS application to text file. In order to achieve this, we have created a Custom Application  in FDMEE which will extract data from PBCS in a specific combination.



      But the scenario we want to achieve is like below:

      1. We have 3 Account Members from which 1 has data type Number and rest 2 are having data type Text(String).

      2. We want to develop a FDMEE interface which will concatenate all these 3 values (i.e. Number-String-String) and display the result. / Extract that into Text.



      Is it possible in FDME? How we can achieve this?





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          I don't believe you can extract text data yet from PBCS using Data Management, it is on the roadmap to export data using the OLU against Planning instead of just using DATAEXPORT which is against Essbase.





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            Nishant Fukate

            Hi John,


            I have tried extracting the data from PBCS in FDMEE using Custom Application. I can download the data file from Process Details, only the thing is, as I mentioned in my last post, I have 3 Accounts amongs 2 are of type TEXT and one is numeric.


            In an extract I can see the numeric data as is. But the Text/String data is also coming in a Number format.


            For e.g. I have submitted the strings 'Member Description' and 'Member Name' in both the accounts, but in output file I can see the numbers 2 and 3.


            Any suggestions? / Any workaround to achieve this.?





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              The export will run using the DATAEXPORT command which is against Essbase, Essbase only holds numeric data.

              Data Management currently only supports that method to extract, unfortunately as it is PBCS there is no scripting so you can't even write a custom script to extract text data from Planning.

              As I said it is on the roadmap which on the last presentation I saw said 2018 but with Oracle you never truely know when

              Alternatively you can look at Exporting Data which can be scheduled or run using EPM Automate / REST API